EXTENDED: The exhibition has been extended until October 19, 2013

In the Curatorial Research Lab, we are very pleased to present Bestiary, a solo exhibition of work by Swiss artist Michael Günzburger. Presented in collaboration with Zurich’s Christinger De Mayo gallery, Bestiary includes a selection of Günzburger’s ongoing series of lithographs created via an actual live animal or the skin of dead animal lying directly on a litho stone. Through this process each hair of the animal is printed as a line and the skin as a whole becomes a paint brush.

Printed in Thomi Wolfenberger‘s esteemed lithography workshop in Zurich, Günzburger’s series deals with related subjects such as hunting, traditional forms of using animal products, or the exaggerated idealization and commercialization of ecological concerns. The Wolfersberger lithographic workshop is an internationally renowned print shop that has been active for four generations in Zurich, and has worked with a wide list of important international artists including Fischli/Weiss, Wolfgang Laib, John Baldessari, Max Ernst, Oskar Kokschka and Henry Moore.

Michael Günzburger considers himself a draughtsman, although his work has no preferred materials but rather a preference for experimentation that lately focuses on a fertile, fetishist fascination for the representation of hair. Born in Bern, Switzerland in 1974, Günzburger has exhibited widely in Europe across the world. His work in many private and public collections, including Credit Suisse Art Collection; Zürcher Kantonalbank At Collection; Collection of the Canton of Zurich; Kunstmuseum Bern; Kunsthaus Zürich; UBS Art Collection; and the Grafic collection of the Swiss National Library. He is represented in Zurch by Christinger De Mayo gallery.

Michael Günzburger

Michael Günzburger, "Bestiary," installation view. Photography by Etienne Frossard.

Michael Günzburger, “Bestiary,” installation view. Photography by Etienne Frossard.

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